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Novaskye Youth Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to obtaining educational resources that will inform and inspire the youth to become valuable assets of society. We have high expectations for learning, community service, and parent engagement. We are dedicated to working as a team and to each other in order to promote empowerment amongst the youth within our communities.  Novaskye Youth Foundation has been specifically designed for the next generation to support personal development and academic success. 


It is our mission at Novaskye Youth Foundation to strengthen scholastic performance by offering enrichment services that will aid in successful fruition to our youth. Our program was designed to encourage social growth, allow access to nutritious meals, and boost academic success. We believe with access to the right resources students can become inspired by their own abilities and develop the assurance needed to fulfill their potential!


Here at Novaskye Youth Foundation we are passionate about youth advocacy. It is our goal to give back with a cheerful heart, spread love, spark minds, and restore togetherness that will ultimately change the lives of our kids future forever.

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